Train to Heal

Make a difference and learn to heal by graining new skills and independence to help others.

We offer a range of alternative and complementary therapies to use professionally or privately.







Training to Heal

  • You CAN get your independence NOW

  • You WILL learn a new and useful skill

  • You CAN help others and get paid for it

  • You WILL gain the respect of the people around you


  • All training is provided by a fully qualified practitioner 
    and CIPD taught trainer

  • All courses are fully certified

  • You will be qualified to practice by the end of each course

  • All courses taught for people looking to practice AND people looking to use privately on friends and family

  • Online and Face to Face evening or weekend courses available

  • One to one training provided by request

Welcome to the Train to Heal courses site (part of the Reiki Questions group).  

This site hosts courses in alternative therapies from Reiki, Hopi Ear candling, Indian Head Massage to Chakra Balancing, Colour therapy and Flower Remedies.  Due to demand, a workshop has also been provided outlining points on how to get started setting up your own business in alternative therapies.

The site also hosts support material for face to face courses like Reiki - Usui Shiki Ryoho, Tradition Usui Reiki. 

Click here for face to face course support material...

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Face to Face Courses 

  • Reiki Degree 1 Course

  • Reiki Degree 2 Course

  • Reiki Degree 3 / Masters

  • Indian Head Massage - Malish

  • Hopi Ear Candling

  • Chakra Balancing





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